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It's been a good and horrible week

Two weeks ago my Grandpa Glatzel passed away. He had terminal lung cancer and it had spread pretty far and pretty fast. When he went down hill he died within four days.
I returned home to attend the funeral with the rest of my family. I can't even explain how unlike him he looked. How positively foreign he appeared lying in that open casket. That couldn't have possibly been my grandfather lying there. He just seemed so foreign. The gaunt face and the waxy complexion. This is not the vibrant man that has been there my whole life. The dancer, the bowler... the man who not four weeks ago was out on the golf range because he still could.
I saw him and I immediately had to walk away and just cry. Just sob my heart out because I couldn't admit to myself that that was it. He was gone.
The Saturday following that Tuesday I attended a wedding. It was quite the celebration, praising God for his miraculous hand. Yet, there was that one moment where they did a memorial video. They started out with a few people I didn't know, presumably from the bride's side. Then they showed Donna Teskie. Then Karen Teskie. Then, of course, Michelle Witmer. Then my Grandpa Wally. I had started crying at the beginning of it out of sheer emotion but by the final person I was doing all I could to contain my sobs silently. The tears were pouring out of my eyes with speed and all I could do was sit there in that church pew, hunched down and sob. I tried not to make eye contact with those around me or do much of anything but silently cry my eyes out.
I'm not really sure the point of this, only that this week has had so much emotion attached to it that I'm unable to really concentrate on much else, even though now I'm back at work.

It's been a good and horrible week.
Yesterday i had an amazing idea for a book i should write. Today i have nothing. It is the ebb and flow of life that brings me to this. Such is life.
I just spent the first half of my shift worrying that i left my purse in your car and that it was going to get broken into. I left my purse at home.
I was watching desperate housewives and they just used logic that the girls would have a three to two majority to justify the new baby. I got really excited.
I am playing scrabble at work. I let the other girl put down emo. So i put down stoner. :) we play how we want to. It's our own rules. :)
I am at work. We play scrabble here. Except 28 pieces were missing. So i made proxies. :) my opponent also let me put phat on the board. Awesome.
Playing d&d with the gang. We even have and an even amount of girls to guys. It's wierd.
I'm listening to my very talented brothers play in their band. They brought out new music tonight. I'm so proud of them. Go check them out www.myspace.com/imnotapilot
i hope this works. I can't get it to post from my phone anymore and That's really annoying because i liked that feature.
I love the game hex hex. It's super cool.